Allerheiligen oder ein Totenfest

Tombstone Research Research the following information about a famous German speaking person who is no longer living. You may include additional accomplishments if you cannot find some of this information.

10 points: Example

Full Name: Stuart George Washington
Father's Name Augustine Washington
Mother's Name: Mary Ball Washington
Date Born: February 22, 1732
Date Died December 14, 1799
Where born: Westmoreland County, VA
Where died or buried Mount Vernon, VA
Occupation Surveyor
American Contemporary Benjamin Franklin
Accomplishment First President of the USA
Tombstone Construction 10 points:
Quality of construction
The tombstone must be three dimensional (it must standup.)
It should be no larger than 9 x 12 inches.
It must display a picture of the person on thetombstone.

Tombstone Inscription 25 points: (20 points first draft; 5 points corrected on tombstone)
The tombstone must contain a minimum of five complete
sentences which include the researched information.

Tombstone question 5 points:
Write a question in German on a 3x5 card, which can be answered by
reading the tombstone you prepared.
The question must be based on items 6 - 10 above.
You must read your question and explain your answer orally in German.


Have students bring in the tombstones at least one day in advance of the activity.

Darken the room, set up all the tombstones. Place the question they formed on the desk in front of each tombstone. Number each question. Students should bring flashlights. You can illuminate the room with an electric candle or two. Place scary music, like toccata and fugue. Have the students take a walk thru the "graveyard" and read the tombstones, recording answers on their papers.

I have students leave their books in the hall and I give them plastic bat, spider or skull rings as they enter the room to "protect" them.

They love this activity!

You can adapt it to any level. With level 1, I do it in English. Then, I recycle it when they are in German 3 and do it in German.

Frau Taccard

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