09. November 1918 Proclamation of the Weimar Republic
09. November 1923 Hitler's failed attempt to take over the government. More1 and More2
09. November 1938 Kristallnacht
09. November 1989 Fall of Berlin Wall and the opening of the borders between E. and W. Germany leading to eventual Reunification (Wiedervereinigung)

Today in History from Deutsche Welle

KRISTALLNACHT - Questions to be used with the websites below

  1. See white box above - answer questions on handout

  2. QUICK READ - Germany's Day of Destiny - November 9

  3. Five second video download about Kristallnacht (VIEW QUICKLY).

  4. Overview of Kristallnacht from

  5. Brief summary of the events surrounding Kristallnacht.

  6. US Holocaust Memorial Museum's comprehensive Kristallnacht website.

  7. Simon Wiesenthal Learning Center- View and read photos on Kristallnacht.

  8. Jewish Student Online Research Center Kristallnacht Site.

  9. Kristallnacht: timeline of events, photos, map of destruction

  10. November 2005 - What happens to Holocaust deniers in Germany - is it free speech?

  11. VERY HELPFUL Kristallnacht videos One and Two and Three and people who lived through it

  12. 2014 is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Nov 9, 1989.

  13. Simon Wiesenthal Center - 36 questions about the Holocaust

  14. US Holocaust Memorial Museum - Common Student Questions

  15. Hitler Restaurant in India changes name and the problem with Indian textbooks - some countries are unfamiliar with Nazism
  16. As a symbol of Nazism and its promotion, the Swastika is banned in Germany. More from Wikipedia
  17. Hindus against European Union-wide ban on use of Swastika 2007
  18. The Teenager who exposed Auschwitz
  19. What tragedy took place against Israeli athletes in Munich in 1972? BBC story
  20. How did Hitler rise to power? Quickly scan Part One and Part Two

  21. How did Jewish people get to Germany, how long ago, history, contributions
  22. My site on Jewish culture, holidays/religion and history in Germany - very extensive
  23. 11/9 Dresden synagogue rises again BBC. City of Dresden website for new synagogue and its history
  24. Synagogues in Germany and Austria archive and their Virtual Reconstruction (blocked at school)
  25. Jewish History in Berlin and Jewish Life in Germany from the Goethe Institut
  26. Aufbau Online: German-American Jewish newspaper

  1. Germany's Historic Responsiblity and Jewish Life in Germany Today
  2. News article on Kristallnacht Remembrances in Germany (1996).

  3. St. Louis Holocaust Museum and Learning Center
  4. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  5. Simon Wiesenthal Multimedia Learning Center

  6. Memorials in Germany to the Holocaust
  7. Recently built Holocaust Memorial in Berlin - official website. English and German
  8. Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site with links to further camps
  9. Jewish Virtual Library Holocaust Resources
  10. Holocaust History Project
  11. Holocaust Cybrary: art, discussion, photos, poems, and facts
  12. Nizkor Project: comprehensive resource for Holocaust research and refuting Holocaust deniers.
  13. Holocaust page: info, events, photos, resources
  14. Genocide in the 20th Century: The Holocaust and Holocaust Timeline
  15. The University of Florida's "Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust". resources, photos, movies, multimedia
  16. WDR Logo Tivi resources in German for youth on Nov.9 in GERMAN
  17. Literature of the Holocaust - maintained by Prof. Al Filreis
  18. Massive linklist
  19. 2002 Final Report on Switzerland's role in the Holocaust.
  20. Videos/lessons of the Holocaust, Adolph Hitler, and the War in Europe 1940-49

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