Internment of German-Americans during the World Wars

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  • German and Austro-Hungarian internment during WW1 in the US.
  • War Prison Barracks Three - Fort Douglas Utah 1917-20. Numerous further links.
  • - German and American POWs in the Midwest
  • Collinsville Illinois - The Robert Paul Prager Lynching April 5, 1918. Numerous reports and links.
  • Further examples of anti-German sentiment.


  • German American Internee Coalition. Newly formed 2006
  • Arthur D. Jacobs , Major, USAF Retired; Researcher: Internment in the U.S. during World War II, December 7, 1941 - July 1948.
  • Fear Itself: Inside the FBI Roundup of German Americans during World War II (updated version of America's Invisible Gulag) by Stephen Fox.
  • Prof. Paul Knauer's. Internment, especially in Milwaukee, including author's parents.
  • Other examples of Anti-German sentiment and internment.
  • Have German-Americans been left out of the discussion of WW2 internments?
  • 8/3/01 Sen. Feingold introduces legislation to study treatment of European Americans and Refugees during WW ll
  • Opposing View and Rebuttal Were German-Americans Interned during WWll? A Question concerning Scholarly Standards and Integrity.

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