Thanks for taking a moment to read this simple proposal, which I hope doesn't appear too crass. I've never considered profiting or even breaking even from the thousands of hours I've spent creating teaching websites since 1994. I occasionally consider cutting back on the amount of time and expense that I put into my websites unless I can at least cover my expenses and be rewarded for my efforts in some very small way.

So if you have ever benefitted from my materials as a teacher using my materials at school, home, church, etc., or if you'd just like to see me continue being motivated enough to spend time adding to my websites, perhaps you'd be willing to send a small gratuity ($5 or whatever you feel is appropriate) to pay for my monthly webspace or maybe just to help me buy an occasional new hockey stick, a set of guitar strings, some new software, etc. I need my hobbies to keep me sane and refreshed.

Perhaps you'd rather care to share videos, handouts, ideas, files on diskette, photos (digitized or copied), CDs, etc. I'd also appreciate materials to add to the website.

Believe it or not, I often get a kind check for a few bucks or a video or gift along with a note from people all over the world. It's greatly appreciated and keeps me motivated.

So please consider sending some teaching materials or a contribution of your choice to my PayPal account:
Robert J. Shea
Crestview Middle School
16025 Clayton Rd.
Ellisville, MO 63011
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Last updated August 2011

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