Days / Months / Clock time / Numbers

zwei zwölf zwanzig





















zehn zwanzig (ein) hundert



zwei hundert


  1. Read and Learn your numbers
  2. Read, listen, take quizzes on Numbers from Foreign Language For Travellers
  3. Numbers with AUDIO. Scroll down to Numbers (Zahlen) section.

  4. Try matching the numbers 1-10 (always under 20 seconds - who is fastest?)
  5. UK 1-10 Matchup and 1-10 Syllabary and 1-10 MultiChoice and 1-10 Missing and 1-10 Noughts
  6. Numbers 11-19 and and 1-12 Snap and 1-20 Snap2 and Picture Belt
  7. Frau Fullerton's Zahlen 0-20
  8. Try the Numbers 1-12 word search
  9. Hangman using numbers 1-20 in German.
  10. Click the numbers 0-20 into their correct sequence
  11. Quizlet Numbers
  12. Write the numbers NULLto Twenty. p. 9
  13. Quia Matching game for the numbers 1-20.
  14. Exercises #1-3 with age and numbers from Languages Online


  15. 10-100 and Put the tens in order and Tens Tetris and Rhubarb and Tens Letterdrop magnet

    How to write 21-29, 31-39, etc. - The ones come before the tens. They're BACKWARDS from English.

    Example: 21 = one and twenty or einundzwanzig

  16. Numbers 1-100 jigsaw and 1-31 Penalty

  17. Numbers 20-100 dropdown and Numbers 20-100 fill in
  18. Quia Put numbers in the correct order 1-60. You need to type the numbers in the boxes starting with the smallest
  19. Quia Putting numbers in order, you will see any numbers from 0-100.
  20. Castle Memory game on numbers with Audio. Languages Online, Australia.
  21. My tough math Jeopardy game!
  22. Einheit 4:Die Zahlen http://www.quia.com/cm/137836.html
  23. Einheit 4: die Zahlen http://www.quia.com/rd/59236.html
  24. 52 and 5,800 and 75,417 and 509,000 and 987,018 and 555,555


    • Uhr = o'clock
    • vor - before or 'til
    • nach- after, past
    • Viertel - quarter
    • halb - 1\2 next hour

    Wie viel Uhr ist es What time is it?
    Wie spät ist es? How late is it?
    Um wieviel Uhr At what time
    Nachmittag P.M. >12 or After midday
    Vormittag A.M. >12 or before noon
    Mitternacht Mid-night or 0 Uhr

  25. TIME Vocab and Numbers - Show "ENGLISH" and type GERMAN. Space race - 10 LEVELS!!!

  26. GET 100% on Multi-choice - Problems with telling time. GET 100%

  27. Match -- hour Uhr minutes (0-23)

    1-12 using the CLOCK FACE
  28. Match --Minutes 'til (vor 1-12) and past (nach 1-12) - reduce these down to 12 or less |

  29. Match --Viertel (quarter) and halb (half)

  30. Matching - Don't let me trick you on this one!

  31. READ THE BOX ABOVE FIRST - Genial 4 Time vocab one and two for asking and answer questions about time

  32. Half a min with numbers and time vocab

  33. LONG - Telling time. OPTION: drop-down (pulldown and type FIRST LETTER) OR fill in and Here are the answers

  34. READ THE BOX ABOVE FIRST - Time - Fling the Teacher ... (TIP: halb eins = 12.30 NOT 0.30 here)

  35. Teacher Invaders - Time

  37. Walk the Plank or Hoops or En garde- or Penalty Shootout or- Grade or NO grade

  38. VIERTEL - Snakes game (Viertel) and noughts and bananas and (2-player) triple and fling

  39. Shea: match the times
  40. Shea: Time telling / class schedule
  41. Shea: Misc. Vocab: Time and Place

  42. DAYS AND MONTHS exercises
  43. Crossword - days, months, time expressions

  44. Many more telling time exercises and activities

    ORDINAL NUMBERS for order, rank vs. CARDINAL (counting)

    1-19 add "t" + "e(n)" 2nd=zweite(n), 11th=elfte(n), 19th=neunzehntne(n)
    over 20 add "st" + "e(n)"

    20th=zwanzigste(n), 30th=dreissigste(n), 41st=einundvierzigste(n)

    Exceptions erste, dritte, siebte, achte
    Don't worry about whether it's "-e" or "-en" yet

  45. GET 100% - Number of each month - MC and READ ONLY and Number of each month - Fling

  46. Matching: Ordinal numbers - first, second, third, etc.

  47. Fling the teacher - ordinals

  48. Ordinals - Half a Min - ordinals- GET 80% - end in "e" NOT "en"

  49. Quizlet ordinals - Scatter and Space Race (add "te" or "ste) to the numbers. TEN LEVELS

  50. Shea: School Subjects and more from Quizlet and KM site: Match the school subjects

  51. Fill-ins: - this is OUR GOAL - Ordinal numbers and classes. USE the HINT key if needed. CAPITALIZE 1st words and Subjects

  52. NEW! Fill-in: class schedules and prepositions

  53. Noughts and Pairs and Mosaic and Rhubarb and Wheel and Mobile

  54. DATES Ordinals - plank and en garde and hoops and penalty and on target and Grade/No Grade

  55. Rethink your English! How to rethink saying "My birthday is" before expressing it in German

  56. Ordinals - do you add "e" or "en"? And another one. Ordinals and adjective endings

  57. THREE WAYS - Word order with Birthday and birthday mix 2 and birthday 3 Herr Shea

  58. Word order and ordinal number dropdown1 and drop-down2 and fill-in of same exercise

    the Xth day of the Yth month - the 4th of July = 04.06 and 9/11 for Germans would be 11.09

  59. GET 100% - Number of each month - MC and READ ONLY and Number of each month - Fling

  60. Match the dates (au) - click START on top left and CHOOSE SLOW and more exercises with audio (au)

  61. Birthdays drop-down or fill-in
  62. READ ONLY - Quiz yourself on the PowerPoint birthdays

  63. Birthdays in number format IMPORTANT EXERCISE - dropdown- 90% or better and tougher drop-down or toughest fill-in

  64. Famous German-speakers' birthdays activity
  65. Ordinals and adjective endings - when to add "e" or "en"
  66. My tough math Jeopardy game!
  67. Battleship with dates
  68. Order from smallest to largest - second, minute, etc.
  69. Choose the date and Shoot the Date and more exercises with audio (au)
  70. Quiz yourself - view the PowerPoints Months and birthdays
  72. Ordinals and adjective endings
  73. Answer with a COMPLETE SENTENCE - Roberts Stundenplan

  74. 4 vocab problem - friends

  75. Problem of zuerst vs. erste(n)
  76. Classtimes: Put the conversation in logical order. Frau Pepin
  77. Sequencing: put the sentences in the right order. Frau Pepin (zuerst, dann, danach, zuletzt)
  78. Frau Fullerton's Ordering time exercises chapter 6: One, two and three (zuerst, time)

  79. Do ONLY # 4, 6-10 - Don't scroll - do ONLY # 4, 6-10
  80. Quizlet - Seasons- SCATTER and fill in the seasons
  81. Einheit 11: am? im? um?
  82. Order from smallest to largest - second, minute, etc.

  83. Chapter 4 verbs
  84. Genial 3 - ein/kein with School nouns
  85. School vocab problems - class, student
  86. Problem school vocab - grade, class
  87. NEW! Fill-in: class schedules and prepositions - am, von, bis, um, dauert
  88. Match the possessive pronouns
  89. Masculine subject chart (no -e) and Feminine subject chart (add -e)