• 1848er Revolutionäre im amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg. Extensive page.
  • German-Americans and the Slavery Issue.
  • Many 1848ers established Turnvereine or Turner Clubs. When the war broke out they joined up.
  • Checklist of 142 Forty-Eighters who served in the Civil War. Related Songbook.
  • German-American military and political participation in the Civil War and the Slavery Issue.
  • The 32nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment was also called the First German.
  • The story of Capt. Hubert Dilger.
  • 26th Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers
  • Library of Congress Civil War Photographs Home Page.
  • Civil War Links: battles, individuals, military regiments, etc.
  • Missouri bleibt in der Union. MO stays in the Union. Germans take the St. Louis Armory.

    Gen. R.E.Lee: "Take the Dutch (Deutsche) out of the Union Army and we'll whip the Yankees easily." Hundreds of German- American sources are available to researchers, but you need the quick access provided by: Albert Bernhardt Faust, THE GERMAN ELEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES (1909; 1927), probably in most better public and college libraries. Faust's Civila War chapter (vol. 1, p.522-572) has also excellent statistics broken down by a) ethnic groups, b) states. 176,817 German-born soldiers fought on the Union side; 5000 G-As were officers ,41 in ranks above colonel (quoted from Willi Paul Adams: German-Americans, An Ethnic Experience. The German belt from NY & PA extend. through the Midwest provided a number all-German regiments. Many 1848 revolutionaries fought for the Union.-Lots of Civil War letters have been translated; many are still waiting to be trans. Check with your with your local/state hist. society re such letters/diaries.

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