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General Resources
  • Most popular German first names of 2016 and 2017 and other years
  • The Most Popular Names of the Year 2000.
  • What are the most popular first names in Germany? 1992-1995

    Lists I've compiled

  • Useful list of over 300 boys' and girls' first names. Not exhaustive, perhaps outdated.
  • Spitznamen - Kosenamen: Nicknames of German kids - results of online poll.
  • List of Popular Names in Germany and their Foreign Origins.
  • Berliner Vornamen: entries from a June 1997 phone book.
  • Popular German First Names around 1910. List.

    Unusual Names and Rejected Names

  • German couple in fight to give girl a boys' name
  • 11/25 More court cases over names given to children - are they gender-specific and "normal" enough?
  • Here are some names that were rejected for various interesting reasons.
  • Is this why the Germans have some limits on child names?
  • A very clever, humorous list of "German names not found in the phone book".

    Name-days - Namenstage

  • Namedays and today's name of the day - Namenstage
  • Namenstage - Heiligenkalender und die beliebtesten Vornamen.
  • Namenlexikon und Namenstage. Scroll down page.
  • Are name-days still celebrated in modern-day Germany?

    Misc. Resources on First Names - Vornamen

  • Nicknames (Past and Present) and Naming Traditions.
  • 18th Century Pennsylvania Dutch nicknames and naming customs.
  • Nomen est omen: 2100 Vornamen und ihre Bedeutung, Kurzformen, Namenstage, Topnamen
  • Vornamen von Familie-Online. Great variety of related topics.
  • IDS and Gesellschaft für dt. Sprache: most popular names in E. and W. Germany 1974-96.
  • Telefonbücher in Europa, Firmen, gelbe Seiten. E-Mail Adressen und Suchtips.
  • 5000 Vornamen - First names: in numerous European languages.
  • Das grosse Lexikon der Vornamen: CD ROM with 1500 names (DM20)..


  • My collection of Genealogy and Immigration Resources
  • Origin and meanings of German surnames in America. Max Kade unit: German Names and Words in the U.S..
  • Origins of European Jewish surnames and the role of author E.T.A. Hoffmann
  •, Family Coats of Arms
  • Research your family history .
    1. Look up your surname / last name and find where it is found world-wide - how many people in the world have your exact full name?

    2. - Library Edition using our passwords. More on names
    3. More on names
    4. Top 100 German last names and their meanings
    5. Pick a name that you like and WRITE IT DOWN - boys choose boy names, girls choose girl names


    Yearly DUDEN Lexikon der Vornamen.
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    Die Deutschen Vornamen, Robert Franz Arnold, Vienna, 1901, Adolf Holzhausen
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    Vornamen in der DDR 1960-1990. Bernd Kleinteich. Berlin, Akademie Verlag. 1992

    Bahlow Hans, trans Edda Gentry- Dictionary of German Names - Max Kade Institute, 1993
    Bahlow, Hans - Deutsches Namenlexikon - Taschenbuch 1985
    Brechenmacher - Etymologisches Worterbuch der Deutschen Familiennamen Limburg 1963. Hellfritzsch, Volkmar - Vogtländische Personennamen - Akademie-Verlag, Berlin, 1969).
    Jones, George F. - German-American Names - Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD.
    Mulch, Roland - Arnsburger Personennamen: Untersuchungen zum Namenmaterial aus Arnsburger Urkunden vom 13 - 16 Jahrhundert - Darmstadt & Marburg: Hessischen Historischen Kommission Darmstadt and the Historischen Kommission für Hessen, 1974.
    Naumann, Horst - Das grosse Buch der Familiennamen - Niedernhausen, Germany, 1994

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