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  • Two complete teaching units from Max Kade G-A center on Emigration and Immigration.
  • Willi Paul Adams The German-Americans: An Ethnic Experience - discussion of reasons for immigration.
  • Medieval Germany and the Causes of German Emigration.
  • Germans In America: comprehensive online Exhibit from the Library of Congress.
  • Email discussion w/German partners on Immigration/Migration. Transatlantisches Klassenzimmer.
  • Excellent resources and articles from Germans from Russia Heritage Collection in ND.
  • G-A Statesman and MO Senator Carl Schurz and other Forty-eighters played a large role in MO history and the abolition of slavery.
  • Read about German soldiers in the Civil War.
  • Germany Discovers America: an annotated bibliography of G-A travel narratives 1800-1918 plus links.
  • The German influence on American food culture, restaurants, recipes and businesses in the US.
  • The German influence on the American auto industry.
  • The Turners in America and the 1848 Revolution.
  • Peopling St.Louis: history of immigrant populations in St. Louis.
  • G-A communities : Pennsylvania Dutch, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Hermann, MO, Arcola, IL, etc.
  • Bukovina Society of America: immigrants from modern-day Ukraine and Romania.
  • Canadian Passenger Lists. National Archives of Canada.
  • Anti-immigrant (German, Irish) sentiment in the late 1800's. G-A internment during WW2.
  • Ellis Island pages.
  • Article from Die Welt: Erinnerung an deutsche Einwanderer in den USA wieder populaer: Gedenktafeln in Ohio." A German perspective. Article about Cincinnati and Don H. Tolzmann.


  • Genealogy research tips from GER-RUS.
  • Treasure Maps Geneaology plus tips on deciphering handwriting, research tips, how to do tombstone rubbings, etc.
  • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild: world-wide passenger lists
  • Research Center Lower Saxons in the USA. Extensive site in English and German.
  • Identifying German Names. What does my name mean?
  • German Genealogy: world-wide, emigration and immigration, family histories, societies, etc.
  • Genealogy pages, German historical societies and organizations from the Max Kade G-A center.
  • The Fed. of E. European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) has extensive resources.
  • ROOTS-L Genealogy Page: libraries, archives, databases, museums, institutions, internet, etc.
  • Equally immense are USGenWeb and C. Howell's Genealogy Page: 15,000 links!
  • American Historical Society of Germans from Russia.
  • JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy

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