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  • In Memoriam - to one of the great pioneers of German-American studies, Eberhard Reichmann
  • German-American Cultural Center - Many resources, current, updated
  • New video offerings on German-Americans, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and other topics.
  • NEW: German-American Religious Groups - The Church-German-Americans
  • Special Events and Interests: workshops, SGAS conferences, Elderhostels, etc.
  • "Today's strongest poetic voice in search of German heritage:" Norbert Krapf.


  • The Max Kade German-American Center offers a searchable International Bibliography of German-Americana, SGAS, and an ever-increasing array of Teaching Units, Historic Sites, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Societies, Research Centers, publications.
  • Register any G-A museums, collections and historic sites in your area with Max Kade.
  • Search the catalogs of the Max Kade G-A Studies Collection, UWis-Madison.


  • Immigrants, German Influence, Anti-Germanism, Early Settlers
  • Germantown, PA and the first public protest against slavery in North America
  • German-American Soldiers in the US Civil War
  • Genealogical and Historical resources
  • German-Americans in Missouri and St.Louis
  • German Customs, Traditions and Holidays.: follow the year's events
  • The German 1848 Revolution: 150 Years and the German-American Dimension


  • NEW - German-American Scavenger hunt - questions and links
  • Teaching German-Americana with Assistance from the Web.
  • Famous German-Americans with short bios, links and internet application for students.
  • Teaching Units from the Max Kade German-American Center
  • Who are the "German-Americans"? plus German Americans in the 1990 Census.
  • The German-Americans: An Ethnic Experience - one of the most useful works for teaching.
  • A German-American Chronology & chronology of Germans in America - Library of Congress.
  • Course outline w/links: German Immigrant Culture in America and The DAAD Syllabi Database.
  • Syllabus: The German Heritage of America - Deutsche Kultur in Amerika
  • Analysis on Presentation of German History in US schools.
  • American Memory Page from the Library of Congress.
  • German and German-American Marriage Customs.
  • Trachten - Native dress, fashion or costume? Article with links.
  • The Birth of the term "America". Wie Amerika zu seinen Namen kam.
  • Typically American? Hamburgers, Germany and the US. Who's Elvis Pressler?!?
  • Typisch deutsch? German Chocolate cake?
  • Barbie: a German-American? Pez candies?
  • The German Influence on the American Auto Industry
  • The History of Beer and Beer in America by brewer Paula Weber. Plus beer types and brewing info.
  • Many Links to German-American organizations and events around the country.
  • Two colorful articles about the Jasper, Indiana Strassenfest and its G-A population.
  • Email discussion w/German partners on Immigration/Migration. Transatlantisches Klassenzimmer.
  • German-American internment and anti-German sentiment during the World Wars
  • The Spring 1998 issue of AATG's Die Unterrichtspraxis featured papers on G-A studies.
  • Online Quiz on German-speaking Countries and their relationship to the USA.


  • Why learn German? Why study German in the United States?
  • G-A Studies in the Classroom: teaching both the language and the cultural heritage. Plus activities.
  • The Heritage Approach in German language instruction and the Heritage Language Research Priorities

  • Teaching units on "German-Americans and Their Contributions to the American Mainstream Culture: German Names and Words".
  • German was nearly adopted as the official language of the USA: fact or fiction?
  • Immanuel German Language School: a Saturday School.
  • JFK's Ich bin ein Berliner. Correct usage or not?
  • The Declaration of Independence was first published in German: the story and the German text.
  • "Das Sternenbanner Lied": Täglicher Telegraph und Tribüne, Donnerstag, 19. April, 1917.

  • Research the German names of towns and families to learn origins and original meanings.
  • What commonalities do German and English share?
  • Tree of Germanic Languages with descriptions and examples.
  • Discussion of Dialects and High German along with Plattdeutsch and Frisian/Ostfrisian links.
  • Learn Fraktur, Suetterlin and old German handwriting styles. Free computer fonts.
  • How to decipher old handwriting styles - online tutorial

  • German-American poet Norbert Krapf
  • Kurt Vonnegut and The themes of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five
  • Schatzkammer: German-Americana and Deutschschreibende Autoren in Nordamerika.
  • Goethe-Year 1999 - 250th Birthday of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany's greatest poet and dramatist.


  • National German Week Celebration. Events and teaching materials from AATG.
  • - great collection of events and clubs
  • German-American Events throughout the USA. Calendar by the German Corner
  • My collection of German-American Societies and Clubs in the USA.
  • Why German-American Heritage Month?
  • German-American Day Contest and CD ROM: see contest theme and awards.
  • Mid-September: Steuben Parades are held annually in New York and Chicago.
  • September 26: 1st Austrian American Day in 1997. Presidential Praise.
  • October 1, First Germans at Jamestown (1608)
  • October 3, Day of German Unity / Tag der deutschen Einheit
  • October 6, German-American Day commemorating the first group arrival and the founding of Germantown, PA (1683). Germantowners were the first to protest against slavery (1688)


  • The German Information Center's Germans in America and info on G-A Cultural Relations (exchanges, projects, org's, collaboration).
  • Germans In America: comprehensive online Exhibit from the Library of Congress.
  • My collection of German-American Societies and Clubs in the USA.
  • GermanCulture's Germans Abroad resources
  • German Life Magazine: culture, history, tourism, imported goods, G-A culture, archived to '95.
  • German Corner - Deutsches Eck. Some history, heritage, commercial items.
  • German language and culture megasite
  • My collection of German-Canadian internet resources.


  • G-A Studies at the Forschungsstelle Niedersächsiche Auswanderer in den USA: Uni-Oldenburg. Excellent site!
  • Bibliography (Canada and USA) from the U. of Winnipeg's Chair of German-Canadian Studies.
  • Bibliography of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Migrationsgeschichte Bremerhaven.
  • United German-American Committee of the USA. Proposed Cultural Center/Museum.
  • GARDINET: German-American relations, organizations and programs.
  • A moderated, scholarly email forum (modelled here) might benefit G-A studies.
  • Publications that can be purchased from the Max Kade German-American Center.
  • Hundreds of works can be found at Amazon Booksellers and Heritage Books.
  • The Association of American University Presses (AAUP) has a searchable online catalog.
  • Links to scholarly resources, research libraries, journals, reviews, presses.


    German-related resources (general culture and language learning),

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